The Resourceful Texsteam Chemical Pumps

Chemical injection pumps are highly capable equipment’s in the oil & gas, water treatment, and chemical processing industries. Texsteam from GE is one of the most popular brands of chemical pumps in the market today. The pumps are primarily used to neutralize corrosive chemicals collected from natural gas. Cameron’s Texsteam was founded in 1937 in Corpus Christi, Texas by O.B. Schoenfeld and J.M. Sheesley to produce chemical proportioning pumps for injecting chemicals into oil wells.

The firm was acquired by GE in 2014 for $550m. GE boasts 80 years experience in the production and supply of wide-ranging pneumatic and electric driven chemical injection pumps. Over the years, GE has managed to stay competitive because of its strong worldwide sales force of direct and service dealers and application of advanced continuous injection technology to eliminate or reduce toxic and corrosion found in natural gas on its latest pumps.

Texsteam Chemical Pumps
Texsteam chemical pumps are well-calculated injection systems able to apply precise amounts of chemicals on directed lines. The capacities range from 0.05 gal per day to over 2,000 gals per hour and operating pressures as high as 12,000 PSI and above. Texsteam pumps are also highly versatile and can operate in different weather conditions. The pumps are some forces, including powered by Beam, Air, Electric and Solar Energy. The Air driven Texsteam chemical pump series include the 3700, 5100, 9000 and MX5.

The electric driven Texsteam pumps, on the other hand, includes series 2200, 2400 and 4300 while the solar powered pumps offered are namely the ICIP and Solarlite series. A few beam is driven chemical injection pumps also exists such as the Texsteam 1200 series, which is specially designed to operate on a beam pumped oil well. This pump can be used to apply high pressure bearing lubrication, demulsifies, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and solvents among other chemicals. It also comes in handy when pumping abrasive slurries or viscous fluids.

Texsteam Electric Series Chemical Pumps
Texsteam electric chemical pumps are some of the most widely used in the market. For instance, the Texsteam series 2200 electric driven injection pumps come with ¼ horsepower motor and feature 310 stainless steel fluid ends. The pump can reach a maximum volume of 130 gals per day and discharge 1,000 PSI of pressure. It also comes in different sizes, including 1/4'”, 3/16”, 1/2” and 3/8”. The Texsteam series 2500 electric driven injection pump on its part, comes with up to four fluid ends, each powered by an eccentric cam gear that doesn’t require any oil application.

The pump can produce a max discharge of 6,000 PSI and max volume of 139 gals per day. The other popular electric driven pump is the Texsteam 4300 electric driven injection pump. The most outstanding features on this pump, include special drip-ring gear designed to prevent a chemical spill from contaminating the lubricant as well as interchangeable liquid ends, oil level gauge on the gearbox and stainless steel tanks.

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